Why say no to Tiles Pool..

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Tiles are made up of Ceramic which is easily breakable leading to leakage. Broken Tiles may puncture the Tissues leading to accidents for the kids. Algae deposition can be easily grown up and need Chemical treatment to clean. The Tiles color is also not guaranteed.

So the best Alternative to Tiles.... is the MEMBRANE

· No more detached mosaic tiles

· No more black joints

· No more flaking paintwork

What is Membrane?

A Membrane is a thin layer of water-tight material. Most about 1.5mm to 2mm thick.

Why Membrane?

· It requires minimum maintenance. Guarantee complete water -tightness and it is possible to install in half the time it takes to install other systems. Their flexibility and resistance allow them to adapt to any pool shape and cope with large user flows.

· It can be installed on any surface. Clean installation with no noise. No matter the size and shape of the pool. Ideal for renovating pools with problems.

· Prevents the development of bacteria and fungi. Protects UV radiation and prevents its premature aging.

· Repels dirt and stains and facilitates the cleaning of the liner.

· Acts as a shield against abrasion and grazes due to continual use. It is also available in Unicolor Non Slip / Unicolor with lacquer.

· Modern spectacular designs with brilliant glints. Upto 2MM thickness creates durable and resilient membrane. Up to 15 years water-tightness guarantee.

· Even for Renovating the Pool - Membrane can be placed where there are cracks or micro pores that could cause damp, water leaks or flooding. You do not have to break the leakage pool and get it repaired.

So be ready to own a Pool that are crystal clear luminous fresh and always elegant to allow you to enjoy the sun and summer.

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